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Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

When I Make A Tent With You

When I make a tent with you
There’s story behind there
You pick a rope
And ask me
How to tie it on wooden lath
You said that
You would built a sturdy tent
And I said
“yes, you cant make it”
When I make a tent with you
I see your persistency
And you smiling at me
You ask me
What I was ever make it
And I said
“ yeah, I ever make it”
And when overcast,
Light rain came
You said to me,
“ our tent will be standing up ”
I just smile, I trust you
When we finished it,
And see our tent proudly
You said that,
You trust me ..
Though it just for games
Despite of rope and wooden lath,
Or just a skeleton of tent
I am satisfy
That teach us
To play along
And believe in other
Dear my younger brother
I am believe in you
My love for you
Flow throughout my gasp