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Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Memori tentang Juli

Tak ada yang ingat tentang kisah ini, meski pernah dituliskan dalam majalah Gamma --majalah sekolah kami-- beberapa waktu yang lalu. yah, karena semua memandangnya sebagai sebuah kisah mainstream sebagai pengisi kolom english corner dalam bahasa inggris khas anak SMA dengan grammar yang cukup amburadul --salah satu kelemahan saya dalam mapel bahasa inggris, namun sempat menjadi andalan karena nilai UN tertinggi saya adalah mapel bahasa inggris juga-- hehehehe :D
oke, well.. saya tidak ingin terlalu banyak mengingat tentang kisahnya, hanya ingin membagikan sedikit pesan moral atas kisah yang saya tulis dan hidup saya kemudian.. selamat menikmati.

Time to Say Goodbye

The story began right here, when the earthquake and Apopipo’s eruption did not leave anything except hurts. The current of lava came down in the night and nobody could safe. People became victims that could not count anymore. That was a national disaster. A journalist appointed by government to cover the days, and gave news to government what the people needed. The House also asked her to help the victims as much as she able and she got her partner to do her assignment. By working together with National Red Cross and their volunteers the journalist who named Jacqueline always came to help people in that remote area. No one knew she was a journalist. People though she was a nurse. She was a kind, friendly, and caressing woman. She always reminded people to keep their health. She also motivated to fight in this difficult condition. From her eyes everyone knew she had great sincerity and loyalty.

Jacqueline met her partner intuitively, when she would close the Evacuation’s camp. Someone cantered to go up close her. “Please, help! A man in my camp got asthmatic. Our medicine all gone.” Jacqueline searched the medicine quickly. After she found it, she gave it to the man. “Thank you.” The man said. “Welcome.” Jacqueline answered. From the unexpected meeting, they became close, and closer. They always spent the time together. The helped people there, played with children, and oftentimes the volunteer accompanied Jacqueline to make news. In a spare time, sometimes they walked around in the river and the ex rice field. It because now that all covered by lava. The man who named Henrico turned out to be Jacqueline’s friend when she was a student.

One night, Jacqueline was writing her paper in the terrain near camp when Henrico came. He brought a firefly and showed it up to Jacqueline. “Before the lava’s came, this place looked so beautiful in the night covered by fireflies.” Henrico whispered. Jacqueline glanced at him, “Really? I hope I can see this someday.” The firefly flight away. “Maybe someday you will.” Henrico answered then. Jacqueline kept silent for a while. “I hope someday I will, but with you.” Henrico gaped with Jacqueline words, but he took mind off that, and looked Jacqueline, “Why you don’t wearing a jacket? The night cold enough, Jacqueline.” Jacqueline just smiled. She nodded and smiled. Unpredictable, Henrico took his jacket down, and gave it to Jacqueline. “It is yours.” Jacqueline startled. “No. Thanks. I can survive with this weather, Buddy.” But Henrico refused and said, “You must wear jacket and I don’t want to hear anything words or reasons from you.” He said and stretched the jacket out. Again, Jacqueline just smiled in silent. She took the jacket and said, “Thank you”. Then they passed the night by chatting and sharing each other.

One day, when the weather was so hot, Jacqueline found a memo from Henrico on the Elena’s notes, Jacqueline’s friend, who also got a job there. Elena was a journalist too, but she just worked there for several days. Jacqueline read this memo, and shocked when she knew that:

Don’t work too hard, girl. Take a rest, please Ellie. Good Luck, GBU.”

That was so hurt, and painful, but Jacqueline did not cry. She called Henrico to ask about it, but Henrico said nothing. Then Jacqueline just smiled and closed the memo, she brought it back to Elena’s notes. A couple of days and nights, she chose to finish her duty. She called her Chief Editorial Staff and reported that she has been finished. Jacqueline realized that she hope too high, and she felt that was time to finished all. The next day, which was Valentine’s Day, Jacqueline was standing outside his camp, called Henrico and left the box there. She was gone while Henrico opened his Camp, and took the box ploddingly. He found a letter and pratfall when he read it.  

Dear Henrico, Happy Valentine 
My Buddy Henrico Burn, by this letter I would tell you that there’s no reason for me to stay here. You already had Elena who will accompany you through your day. She is a great journalist, an accomplished motivator, and a beautiful woman. She has everything. Henrico, as often I said to you that, I do many mistakes so, I hope you will apologize my all, wish we luck in everyday. Well, maybe after I am go there will come a new day for you and Elena. Maybe you will build many dreams with her. Maybe I will continue my long journey; till I know where I am suppose to be, but Let me tell you first, I did not want to regret because I don’t tell you. Did you know? There is someone who always loves you wholeheartedly. Waiting for you in the prayer; prayer in the lonely night. Accompany you through in tears, laughter, sorrow, and happiness. She loved you in a quiet and silent; in a piece of memory when both of you were SHS. And from the first to the last, the girl is me. I love you, Henrico.
But now, I realize that it’s time to go, I should go to let you happy right here. I always pray for your happiness. I loved you.


Henrico stared the letter out, and glanced at the sky. He took the chocolate inside the box, opened it, and saw the name written in the chocolate, Jacqueline -love- Henrico. He saw the clouds for a moment and let the land caught his teardrops. Something that he hadn’t seen, skies and winds noticed that in a smiling tears.

sebagai penulis amatir tentu saja kisah tersebut diilhami oleh sebuah pengalaman pribadi, namun yang ingin saya tekankan disini adalah bahwa sebenarnya kisah peristiwa yang saya alami ternyata justru benar-benar terjadi setelah tulisan saya dimuat di Majalah Gamma tersebut.
seakan kisah demi kisah yang terjadi pada hidup saya kemudian sama seperti yang saya tuliskan. yah, garis besarnya sih begitu. henrico kemudian jadian sama audrey terus persahabatan saya dan audrey jadi renggang, bla..bla.. bla.. hidup yang getir dan menyesakkan dada saya alami hampir 1 tahun lamanya.. [malah curhat]
apa yang bisa kita simpulkan?

inilah.. sebuah puisi lama memberi jawaban, mari kita simak apa "katanya" ..
hati hati dengan apa yang kita pikirkan
   karena akan menjadi kata kata kita
      hati hati dengan kata kata kita
        karena akan menjadi tindakan kita
           hati hati dengan tindakan kita
              karena akan menjadi kebiasaan kita
                hati hati dengan kebiasaan kita
                  karena akan menjadi kepribadian kita
                      hati hati dengan kepribadian kita
                        karena akan menjadi karakter kita
                               hati hati dengan karakter kita
karena akan menjadi nasib kita
Purworejo, dalam pelukan malam satu Juli.

10:23 WIB

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